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Deteriorating qualities of oils and gases is forcing the petroleum sector to incur very high cost for energy and waste disposal.

Hardly any US industry has a greater need for inexpensive energy than oil refineries.In addition to electricity and steam, refineries consume immense amount of hydrogen to produce clean gasoline and diesel.Ironically, immense amount of hydrogen sulfide is generated in the process.Disposal of hydrogen sulfide is not discretionary, it is required by law.

For both large and small refineries, the SuperATR can decrease cost and potion emission by producing their much needed hydrogen in two settings:

  • Hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen and sulfur.
  • Off-gas and residual fuel to hydrogen.

Sour natural gas fields generate large quantity of hydrogen sulfide.As a result, sour gases consumes significant amount of energy.Being more cost-effective than Claus-based sulfur recovery units, the SuperATR can significantly reduce costs in addition to sulfur dioxide emissions.

Through its Edison CoGeneration subsidiary, IES can offer conventional co-generation solution and hydrogen enhanced co-generation packages that significantly lower carbon and acid rain causing pollutants.IES can act as a consultant or developer to build, own, and operate the plant.The company will take charge of all aspects of the project: from financing to building as well as plant operation.

For refineries and natural gas plant that prefer to concentrate on core business, IES can bring them the benefits of the SuperATR by building and operating their hydrogen sulfide processing unit.

The total benefits for this arrangement include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Projects will mitigate greenhouse and acid rain cusing pollutants.
  • Power Reliability: Elimination of the outages caused by downed lines from storms.
  • Capital Conservation: The customer does not have to incur any expences.

Licensing options are available for firms who want to produce synthetic gasoline or diesel at stranded reserves. With much higher efficiency than conventional partial oxidation, it can significantly lower project cost.

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